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FRIKO Accessories

Specification Product Price Цена
EURO руб.
Control boxes / Regulation      
Air Curtains      
Control with start/stop/alarm signal for BMS SBMS                 2 376р.
Control kit including ADEAR, ADEAOS, MDCDC ADEA               19 296р.
Internal card for ADEA ADEAIB               13 104р.
External card for ADEA ADEAEB               14 472р.
Ext card for ADEA for AG/AGV/AGI units and BMS sys ADEAGD 1               13 752р.
External room sensor for ADEA regulation ADEAIS                 2 160р.
Outdoor sensor for ADEA ADEAOS                 2 160р.
Control box water heated CB30N                 2 376р.
Control box electrical heated CB32N                 3 528р.
Control box WAC 201, 202 and 202XL CB20                 3 744р.
Control box AC 203 - 215XL CB22                 4 320р.
Cont. box AC/WAC 201, 202 and 202XL, built in ACR20                 3 960р.
Cont. box AC 203 - 215XL, to be built in ACR22                 4 464р.
4-step air velocity regulation ACR304                 2 448р.
4-step air velocity reg. high/low speed ACR3042                 5 832р.
4-step air velocity reg. high/low speed, time delay ACR3042-T1               20 448р.
Power regulation AC 312 and 318 EV 300                 2 232р.
Cont. box for recessed wall inst. AC 203-215XL 22007                 6 120р.
Door contact for AR300 DSAR300                 2 016р.
Air Curtain regulation kit, Water level 1 (CB30N, T10) * CK01W                 4 896р.
Air Curtain regulation kit, Electric level 1 (CB32N, RTI2) CK01E                 9 000р.
Air Curtain regulation kit, Water level 2 (CB30N, RTI2, MDC) * CK02W               13 752р.
Air Curtain regulation kit, Electric level 2 (CB32N, RTI2, MDC) CK02E               14 904р.
Air Curtain regulation kit Level 3 (ADEA, ADEAIS, ADEAEB) CK03               37 008р.
Air Curtain regulation kit Level 3 (ADEA, ADEAIS, ADEAEB, ADEAGD1) CK03GD               50 760р.
* Valves not incl., water units      
Control box, pre-wired, corresponding to level 2 - regulation for air curtains (AD, ADR, AG, AGV, RD, ACC, SF)      
For electrical heated models (contains CB32N, RTI2, MDC, MDCDC, RTS01) CK02EC               36 216р.
For water heated models (contains CB30N, RTI2, MDC, MDCDC, RTS01) CK02WC               35 064р.
Variable speed control 2221AG               20 376р.
Variable speed control for water heated Air Curtains ADSR54               36 648р.
Variable speed control PE1                 4 968р.
Variable speed control PE2,5                 5 976р.
Radiant Heating      
Variable output regulator CIRT                 5 688р.
Electric heat regulation ERP, triac ERP                 5 256р.
Floor sensor ERPGG                 3 096р.
External room sensor ERPRG                 2 232р.
Electric heat regulation ERPS ERPS                 5 040р.
Fan Heaters & Ceiling Fans      
Manual regulation for mixing cabinet PHR01                 4 176р.
Load guard FEV01               13 824р.
Load guard with contactor FEVK01               13 176р.
Current transformer 33-145Amp FEVS02                 6 768р.
5-steps transformer 1,5A, IP54 RE1,5                 5 616р.
5-steps transformer 3,0A, IP54 RE3                 7 344р.
5-steps transformer 5,0A, IP54 RE5                 9 072р.
5-steps transformer 7,0A, IP54 RE7               16 272р.
For all product groups      
Electronic 2-stage thermostat IP44 RTI2                 5 040р.
Electronic thermostat RTI2V                 5 040р.
Electronic, internal control, 5/30 deg. IP30 T10                 2 016р.
Electronic, external control, 5/30 deg. IP30 TK10                 2 016р.
Electronic, external digital control, 5/30 deg. IP30 TD10                 3 888р.
Electronic, external control, 5/30 deg. IP30 TKS16                 2 304р.
Electronic, external control, 5/30 deg. IP30 400V TKS16400                 2 376р.
External sensor, 3 m, 10 kΩ RTS01                     648р.
External sensor, 2 m, 100 kΩ RTS02                     648р.
2-step thermostat, for external use, IP44 40001                 7 632р.
2-step thermostat, IP 55, 1-4 deg, IP55 KRT2800                 5 904р.
1-step thermostat, 0/40 deg., IP 55 KRT1900                 4 896р.
1-step thermostat, -35/10 deg. , IP 55 KRT1901                 4 896р.
Capillary tube, 0/40 deg. , IP 44 KRTV19                 4 896р.
Mechanical 1-step thermostat, 5/30 deg. IP30 TBK10                     936р.
Wireless TFK12                 8 352р.
  TFD12                 9 576р.
  TFP12               12 168р.
  TREC                 3 960р.
Recessed TRS16                 4 608р.
  TRD16                 5 616р.
  TRDP16                 6 480р.
Programmable TP8                 6 048р.
  CZ3                 8 064р.
Position limit switches and on/off switches      
For all product groups      
Pos.limit switch, incl control card and time relay MDC                 5 688р.
Extra pos. limit switch for MDC MDCDC                 1 296р.
Pos. limit switch AGB304                 1 872р.
Electronic clock / time switch KUR                 8 712р.
Electronic timer CBT                 5 040р.
Water regulation accessories      
Air Curtains, Fan Heaters and Radiant Heaters      
Valve set, DN 20 (3/4") incl. Motorvalve VR20               15 696р.
Valve set, DN 25 (1") incl. Motorvalve VR25               18 288р.
2-way regulation valve, DN20 TVV20                 2 808р.
2-way regulation valve, DN25 TVV25                 4 680р.
Adjustment valve, DN20 JVF20                 6 192р.
Adjustment valve, DN25 JVF25                 7 056р.
By-pass valve BPV10                 1 080р.
3-way regulation valve, DN20 TRV20                 3 024р.
3-way regulation valve, DN25 TRV25                 4 752р.
Stop valve, DN20 AV20                     864р.
Stop valve, DN25 AV25                 1 296р.
Actuator on/off SD20                 4 680р.
Flexible hose, DN25, l=1m - sold in pairs FH125 (FH25)                 3 816р.
Flexible hose, DN25, l=2m - sold in pairs FH225                 6 408р.
Connectin Hose 3/4 80cm TE3434                 1 656р.
Fixing/Mounting Devices      
Air Curtains      
Grille 1 m for false-ceiling mounting 22003                 4 968р.
Grille 1,5 m for false-ceiling mounting 22004                 6 984р.
Brackets for pendelum fixing 22005                     648р.
Mounting set for pendulum ADPK1                 6 048р.
Brackets for ceiling mounting on bars or chains ADPF1                 1 872р.
Mat plate for vertical mounting AVMP300                 6 264р.
Make-up ribbon between the aircurtains AXB300                 3 816р.
Make-up ceiling joint AXH300               12 888р.
"Run into"-protection AXP300                 7 776р.
Adaptation set for ceiling mount. doors AXT401               19 872р.
Adaptation set for ceiling mount. doors AXT402               25 704р.
Product specific accessories      
Accessories Air Curtains;      
Accessories ADA      
Speed control, 5-step transformer ADACR               12 312р.
Accessories AD Corinte II      
Extension Hood Corinte II, max 1 m ADCEH    
Filter cassette F5 (EU5) for ADC17 ADCFC17               10 512р.
Filter cassette F5 (EU5) for ADC22 ADCFC22               12 312р.
Filter cassette F5 (EU5) for ADC25 ADCFC25               15 768р.
Joint kit for vertical installed ADC, plendum, polished finish ADCMP               35 640р.
Joint kit for vertical installed ADC, plendum, polished finish ADCMS               35 640р.
Manual - stepless speed control incl. EMC filter FC15M               36 792р.
Automatic - stepless speed control incl. EMC filter FC15A               36 792р.
Polish Liquid, fingerprint remover 500ml Polish                 1 296р.
Accessories AC Corinte      
Wall mounting brackets      
Polished bright annealed, for 1-1,5m: order 2pcs, for 2-3m: order 3pcs ACCWBP                 3 456р.
Brushed stainless steel, for 1-1,5m: order 2pcs, for 2-3m: order 3pcs ACCWBB                 3 456р.
Mirror polished stainless steel, for 1-1,5m: order 2pcs, for 2-3m: order 3pcs ACCWBMP                 3 456р.
Accessories AG4000      
Wall mounting bracket for AG4000 GWB400                 2 160р.
Wall mounting bracket for AG4500/5000 GWB640                 2 808р.
Covers for threaded bars. Set of 2 pcs. 1 m length GCP                 5 328р.
Square shape cover for suspension, cables and pipes. For AG4000 1 m length GCS               23 832р.
Square shape cover for suspension, cables and pipes. For AG4500/5000 1 m length GCSB               23 832р.
Oval shape cover for suspension, cables and pipes. For AG4000 1 m length GCO               23 832р.
Unit length /No of mounting kits needed per air curtain      
*1000 mm/2 pcs      
*1500 mm/2 pcs      
*2000 mm/3 pcs      
*2500 mm/3 pcs      
Accessories  AC 500      
5 step regulation AC 500 max 7 amp RTRD7               43 200р.
Stepless speed control AC500, max 12 amp PKDM12               64 800р.
5 step regulation AC 500 max 14 amp RTRD14               68 256р.
5 step regulation AC500  High/ low max 7 Amp RTRDU7               58 392р.
Accessories  AC 600      
Control  cabinet , On/Off regulation AC600 ACR601               35 568р.
Control  cabinet , On/Off regulation AC600 ACR601X               35 568р.
Control  cabinet , On/Off regulation AC600 ACR602               60 696р.
Control  cabinet , On/Off regulation AC600 ACR602X               60 696р.
Control  cabinet , On/Off regulation AC600 ACR603               79 920р.
Accessories AR300         
Door sensor with 7m cable and plug AR300DS                 2 232р.
External room sensor AR300ERS                 2 880р.
Accessories RD      
Built-in valve set for RD VKRD               50 184р.
Built-in antigel thermostat for RD AFTRD               12 312р.
Accesories SF      
Built-in valve set for SF VKSF               50 184р.
Accessories Radiant Heaters;      
Manual switch for 1-2-3 steps S123                 3 312р.
Accessories Thermoplus      
Bracket for ceiling mounting TF1                     864р.
Protection net, metal 1070 mm OS1                 1 296р.
Protection net, metal 1500 mm OS2                 1 584р.
Accessories Thermocassette      
Wire mounting kit 74701                 1 080р.
Fixing support for shelter room SKB10                 1 584р.
Accessories EZ100      
Pair of wall brackets EZMVK                     936р.
Wire mounting set for EZ and EZF LMSEZ                     504р.
Accessories IRCF      
Protection grill for ICR 1,5kW* GIR15                 1 728р.
Protection grill for ICR 3kW GIR30                 3 096р.
Extra lamp LIRCF                 6 696р.
*Protection grills for IRCF45: 3xGIR15      
Accessories IRCF (New model)      
Grille IRCG1*                     648р.
*Please order according to below:      
For IRCF1500, 1 pc      
For IRCF3000, 2  pcs      
For IRCF4500, 3  pcs      
Accessories IR      
Protection grille IR 3000 IRG3000                 4 104р.
Protection grille IR 4500 IRG4500                 4 392р.
Protection grille IR 6000 IRG6000                 4 680р.
Allround infra ELIR      
Stand, ELIR ELIRS                 2 736р.
Bracket for stand mounting, ELIR ELIRB                 2 160р.
Ceiling installation kit, ELIR ELIRC                     792р.
Spare lamp 1200W incl. gaskets, ELIR IREL12                 3 312р.
Accessories SZ      
Pre mounted insulation SZMI                     792р.
Reflection skirt SZRS                 1 008р.
Upper cover SZ23/33 SZBP03                 1 152р.
Upper cover SZ26/36 SZBP06                 1 656р.
Upper cover SZ29/39 SZBP09                 2 376р.
Upper cover SZ212/312 SZBP012                 2 952р.
Make up joint, header - panel SZ2 SZJL2                 1 152р.
Make up joint, header - panel SZ3 SZJL3                 1 152р.
Make up joint, raised header - panel 300mm SZJB03                 4 968р.
Make up joint, raised header - panel 600mm SZJB06                 5 472р.
Make up joint, raised header - panel 900mm SZJB09                 5 760р.
Suspension Kit 2100 (without chain) SZSK2100                 1 224р.
Suspension Kit 2200 (without chain) SZSK2200                 1 224р.
Suspension Kit 2300 (without chain) SZSK2300                 1 224р.
Suspension Kit 2500 (without chain) SZSK2500                     360р.
Suspension Kit 2510 (without chain) SZSK2510                     432р.
Suspension Kit 3100 (without chain) SZSK3100                 1 368р.
Suspension Kit 3200 (without chain) SZSK3200                 1 224р.
Suspension Kit 3300 (without chain) SZSK3300                 1 224р.
Suspension Kit 3500 (without chain) SZSK3500                     648р.
Suspension Kit 3510 (without chain) SZSK3510                     648р.
Press fitting joint 1/2" SZP15                     360р.
Press fitting tool 1/2" SZPT15               14 976р.
Suspension Chain SZSC                     216р.
All prices EXW Milano, Italy      
Accessories SZR      
Suspension kit 2600 (without chain) SZSK2600                     864р.
Top closing kit for SZR free hanging SZRE                 1 728р.
Make up joint for SZR free hanging SZRJ                     864р.
Flexible pipe, L=350mm SZRP035                     576р.
Flexible pipe, L=1200mm SZRP120                     864р.
Flexible pipe 90°, L=850mm SZRP085                 1 080р.
Flexible pipe 90°, L=1450mm SZRP145                 1 440р.
Flexible pipe 90°, L=2000mm SZRP200                 1 584р.
Flexible pipe 90°, L=2550mm SZRP255                 1 728р.
Flexible pipe 90°, L=3150mm SZRP315                 1 944р.
Pipe kit, L=2800mm SZRP280                 5 400р.
Pipe kit, L=3300mm SZRP330                 6 048р.
Compression fittings (2 pcs) SZRCF                 1 368р.
Press fittings (2 pcs) SZRPF                 1 008р.
Skirting profile SZRS                 1 008р.
Skirting foundation bracket SZRB                     936р.
Skirting corner element SZRC                     432р.
Suspension wire SZRW                     720р.
Inspection panel SZRH                 3 672р.
Comfortpanel with hot water heating - Recessed      
Two panel models: P for recessed mounting in false      
ceilings and M for free hanging mounting with three different      
pipe settings; PP, PA, PB and MM, MA, MB      
L=595mm fittings not included SZR060PP                 9 360р.
" SZR060PA               11 664р.
" SZR060PB               11 664р.
L=1195mm fittings not included SZR120PP               13 032р.
" SZR120PA               15 264р.
" SZR120PB               15 264р.
L=1795mm fittings not included SZR180PP               17 424р.
" SZR180PA               20 808р.
" SZR180PB               20 808р.
L=2395mm fittings not included SZR240PP               24 624р.
" SZR240PA               27 288р.
" SZR240PB               27 288р.
L=2995mm fittings not included SZR300PP               28 656р.
" SZR300PA               32 904р.
" SZR300PB               32 904р.
L=595mm Non-active panel SZRN60P                 2 448р.
L=1195mm Non-active panel SZRN120P                 6 984р.
L=610mm fittings not included SZR060MM                 9 360р.
" SZR060MA               11 664р.
" SZR060MB               11 664р.
L=1234mm fittings not included SZR120MM               13 032р.
" SZR120MA               15 264р.
" SZR120MB               15 264р.
L=1858mm fittings not included SZR180MM               17 424р.
" SZR180MA               20 808р.
" SZR180MB               20 808р.
L=2482mm fittings not included SZR240MM               24 624р.
" SZR240MA               27 288р.
" SZR240MB               27 288р.
L=3106mm fittings not included SZR300MM               28 656р.
" SZR300MA               32 904р.
" SZR300MB               32 904р.
L=610mm Non-active panel SZRN60M                 2 448р.
L=1234mm Non-active panel SZRN120M                 6 984р.
Accessories IH      
Universal bracket IHUB                 1 944р.
Extension bracket for installing high up IHXH                 3 096р.
Extension bracket for installing low down IHXL                 3 096р.
Triple bracket IHT                 6 264р.
Post for freestanding installation IHP                 4 824р.
Wire kit IHT Wire                 1 728р.
Accessories Fan Heaters and Ceiling Fans;      
Accessories Electra-C/V      
Control panel incl. thermostat ELSRT               10 656р.
Control panel incl. Thermostat. Can operate up to 4 pcs of Electra C/V ELSRT4               37 656р.
Accessories Elektra-F      
Control panel ELS                 3 528р.
Accessories Elektra-H      
Room Thermostat ELRT               11 016р.
Accessories CAT-Series      
Mixing cabinet for C3 and C5 CMB35               12 888р.
Cover for selectors C3 and C5 TP3/5                     792р.
Cover for selectors C9 TP9                     792р.
Accessories Panther      
Deflector, SE 06-15 PLR15                 6 696р.
Deflector, SE 20 and SE 30 PLR30                 8 064р.
Controlpanel, SE 06-15 PP15                 5 184р.
Controlpanel, SE 20 PP20                 5 544р.
Controlpanel, SE 30 PP30                 6 192р.
Damper & automatic temperature regulator PSA01               59 112р.
Damper motor for mixing cabinet PSM01               18 648р.
Automatic temperature regulator, SE 06-30 PTA01               23 976р.
Mixing cabinet, SE 06-15 PBS01               17 208р.
Mixing cabinet, SE 20 and SE 30 PBS02               27 000р.
Exhaust fan 1400 m3/h PFF15               27 288р.
Exhaust fan 2600 m3/h PFF30               28 872р.
Accessories SW      
Mixing cabinet SW12 SWBS1               14 760р.
Mixing cabinet SW22 SWBS2               18 720р.
Mixing cabinet SW32 and SW33 SWBS3               21 096р.
Distance to filter section SW12 SWD1                 3 672р.
Distance to filter section SW22 SWD2                 4 032р.
Distance to filter section SW32 and SW33 SWD3                 4 320р.
Extra filter EU3 SW12 SWEF1                 2 016р.
Extra filter EU3 SW22 SWEF2                 2 448р.
Extra filter EU3 SW32 and SW33 SWEF3                 3 384р.
Filter section SW12 SWF1               12 168р.
Filter section SW22 SWF2               13 968р.
Filter section SW32 and SW33 SWF3               15 768р.
Extra filter steel wire net for SW02 SWFT02                 4 248р.
Extra filter steel wire net inside SW12 SWFT1                 4 608р.
Extra filter steel wire net inside SW22 SWFT2                 5 328р.
Extra filter steel wire net inside Sw32 and SW33 SWFT3                 6 408р.
Mounting console SW12 SWK1                 2 808р.
Mounting console SW22 SWK2                 2 952р.
Mounting console SW32 and SW33 SWK3                 3 744р.
Extra air director SW12 SWLR1                 6 696р.
Extra air director SW22 SWLR2                 7 632р.
Extra air director SW32 and SW33 SWLR3                 9 144р.
RPM regulator, automatic incl KRT2800 SWR1               12 384р.
RPM regulator , manual 3 steps SWR2                 2 232р.
Valve set connection 20 (3/4") SWR20               16 056р.
Valve set connection 25 (1") SWR25               18 864р.
Outer wall grille SW12 SWY1                 5 688р.
Outer wall grille SW22 SWY2                 7 200р.
Outer wall grill SW32 and SW33 SWY3               13 968р.
Damper motor for SW12-33 SWSM01               20 664р.
RE series please see under Common Accessories / Control boxes & Regulation / Fan Heaters and Ceiling Fans      
Open radiator with radial fan, PF      
Brushed aluminium front panel PFFAL                 4 032р.
Floor stand PFFS                 1 008р.
Accessories Ceiling Fans      
5 step regulation for 1 fan CFR1R                 2 736р.
Stepless autom. regul. 12 fans+sensors CAR15               31 032р.
Downrod 200 mm CFAP200                     504р.
Downrod 750 mm CFAP750                     720р.
Fanblades, diam. 900 mm CFB0900                 1 728р.
Fanblades, diam. 1200 mm CFB1200                 1 944р.
RE series please see under Common Accessories / Control boxes & Regulation / Fan Heaters and Ceiling Fans